Tito & Tarantula

After Dark

After Dark


H играется на 7-м ладу, A - на 5-м.

H  A раза четыре

H      A   H
Watching  her
A                 H     A      H
Strolling in the night   so white
A      E
Wondering why
F#          H
It?s only After Dark

H  A (4)

In her eyes
A distant fire light burns bright
Wondering why
It?s only After Dark

E      D       E        D
I find myself in her room
E         D    E        D
Feel the fever of my doom
F#     E       F#           E
Falling falling through the floor
F#           E     F#
I?m knocking on the Devils door

H  A (4)

In the dark I wake up to find her gone
And the note - it?s only after dark...

Burning burning in the flame
Now I know her secret name
You can tear her temple down
But she?ll be back and rule again

In my heart
A deep and dark and lonely part
E       F#
Wants her and waits for
H           YO          E          F#
After Dark  After Dark  After Dark After Daaaaark